What Does It Take to Be Successful?

Dan Kristoph
3 min readNov 11, 2020


You have worked hard. You have spent a lot of time putting in your effort. But still, you haven’t reached the success that you want in life. What does it take to be successful? Well, it is a question that might be simpler than you think.

Do you want to succeed in life? You may think success is tied to the wealth of a person but in reality, it can be defined differently.

Some people like to have a great social impact. Others define success as the influence that they have while some think a harmonious family is their grand target.

It can also be some or all of them.

Whatever the definition that we have, however, there is one thing that usually unifies us. That thing is the success that we want to achieve is usually hard to get.

What does it take to be successful? It is something that most of us contemplate about now and then.

The Requirements and the Selection

There must be some requirements that you must fulfill if you want to succeed, right? Otherwise, most of us can achieve it without so much trouble.

When we take a look at the stories of successful people, we may begin to realize the requirements. Most of them don’t do it in days, weeks, or even months.

Most of them take a long time before they can succeed. Two, three, five, ten, or even more years. After a lot of effort consistently, they can finally get to the top.

When we look at the people that fail, however, we see that they quit in their effort at some point. The failure is marked when they decide to do that.

It doesn’t matter what causes the quit decision. It can be a massive failure, rejection, doubt, or anything else.

They may also have worked for some time but they don’t see the results that they want. Because of that, they think that they cannot make it and they stop working hard on their labor.

So, based on those, what does it take to be successful?

If there is some kind of selection process or requirement to decide who is successful, then it becomes clearer to us. Those who are successful are the ones who keep on going until the end.

The struggles that they meet and the problems that they face don’t stop them. When others quit and mark the end result as a failure, they keep on going until they achieve what they want.

That seems to be the answer to what does it take to be successful.

The Explanation of What Does It Take to Be Successful

You just need that to succeed? Yes, that’s right.

When we work on something to achieve success, the road can be hard to go through. There can be so many things that stop us on our track and make us want to give up.

Failures, doubts, rejections, and all other problems can come to test our resolve and prevent our success.

If we choose to give up, then that’s when we truly fail. That’s when we stop putting in the effort and that marks the end of the road for us.

However, if we don’t stop, then the struggle doesn’t mark the final results. We still have a chance as long as we keep on going.

Therefore, if you seriously want to succeed, just keep pushing. It may take a long time (hopefully much sooner) for you to accomplish your goals.

But, as long as you keep on going, that means you still progress to the success that you want. Eventually, you will get there.

So, do you know now what does it take to be successful, now? That’s right.

A constant hard work until you achieve it. That’s the thing you should acknowledge as the answer.

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Dan Kristoph

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