The Importance of Optimism in Life

Dan Kristoph
3 min readFeb 12, 2021


“Pessimism leads to weakness. Optimism to power.”

- William James -

Have you adopted an optimistic perspective in your life? Keeping a positive vibe around yourself is important when you face any kind of situation. The belief that everything can be changed for the better will bring you the power to work towards what you believe. If you believe there is only a bad future for you, then that bad situation can truly manifest itself into reality.

Everyone needs to have the right amount of reason and motivation to work on something. When they don’t, it can be dangerous as they stop doing what is needed to be in a better condition.

When you stop putting in the effort towards a purpose, that purpose becomes almost impossible to be reached. The things you want in your life can only be achieved through your effort. Nothing else becomes an important factor.

And thus, you need to have the mindset that you can progress towards the goals of yours. The optimism that you have in yourself is very important in that matter. When you are optimistic, you can keep moving into something more positive in life.

The Actions Based on Our Faith

After all, as humans, we seem to tend to act based on what we have our faith in. When we believe something and that belief is relevant to our situation, we take our actions according to that.

The famous theory strongly related to this is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you have expectations, you produce a behavior based on them which reinforces them to actually happen. Your belief in the situation that will manifest in your life will make you do something yourself to realize it.

When we think about it, the logical relationship seems to be there. If, for example, we believe that we aren’t good at playing basketball, then we most probably don’t play and improve. If we think otherwise, then we will keep playing and improving ourselves to be good at it.

That makes the importance of being optimistic towards our lives becomes more prevalent. When we are optimistic, we will get the motivation to do something to realize something we are optimistic about. However, if we are pessimistic, then we tend to not do anything towards fixing the situation in our lives.

Our optimism is needed so we can take action towards a more positive outcome in life. Remember, though, that the action here is the most important part. Optimism is most often the start needed so we can take that action.

The Braveness to Keep Believing Positively

Sometimes, however, it takes courage to keep our optimism. The fear of being upset because our expectation doesn’t come true can be a real scare for all of us.

I mean, what if we already believe we can succeed but we keep on getting failures? What if we have already worked towards a better future but the results seem to not come? Can we bear the upset that we have towards ourselves? That we seem to not have the capability to get what we want?

On the other hand, those kinds of moments are when most people seem to lose their optimism and fail. However, I think, it becomes even more important to keep being optimistic when we are in that kind of condition. If we don’t, then we lose the motivation to do something that can get us out from the bad situation.

Thus, this is what I think is important. Keep the optimism and maintain the effort to progress gradually towards what you believe in. Only through your effort that you can bring a better situation in life towards yourself. Only through your effort that you can succeed in achieving your goals.

For constant hard work, optimism is often needed. Therefore, it is the importance of optimism in life. By having that, we can keep the motivation to labor for the condition that we want in our lives.

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