The Importance of Believing in Yourself

Dan Kristoph
3 min readDec 18, 2020

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

- Henry Ford -

Successful people are the ones who keep believing strongly in what they desire in life until they succeed. If they aren’t, then they would have given up a long time before they can accomplish their achievements. The importance of believing in yourself cannot be understated when it comes to the realization of your goals. When you have a strong self-belief, you will keep on working for the things that you believe in.

Many people think success is easy to grab for the successful ones. They think those people just have something they are born with to succeed and they don’t have to work hard.

Well, nothing can be further from the truth. Successful people most often start from the bottom and work their way up to the top. They have had their fair share of failures and have to experience struggles too just like us.

One thing that makes the difference between us and them is their strong belief in their capabilities. The importance of believing in yourself is real and it can help shaping your life too.

Mostly, Level of Belief = Level of Effort

It is because when you believe in something, you will have the motivation for that thing.

To illustrate, let’s imagine that a boy believes that he has talent to be a world champion in swimming. But to realize that talent, he has to practice and work hard. The harder he works consistently, the better chance he has to succeed in becoming the world champion.

What do you think he will do? If he strongly desires to become a world champion too, then I think he will do this. He will try his hardest every day to realize that said talent of his. He will work hard every day so he can achieve the success that is promised. That is because he believes that he can succeed by doing that.

Eventually, there is a high chance that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The boy becomes a world champion because he works hard and he works hard because he has the self-belief.

If he doesn’t believe in the first place or the middle of his effort, then he will abandon his training. After all, what is the reason to work hard if there is no chance for him to get his desired results? That will cause him to stop making his swimming techniques better and he won’t be a world champion in swimming.

That is the importance of believing in yourself as it will make you work to realize what you believe in. Every successful person knows this and that they succeed because they work hard consistently for it for a long time. The self-belief they have is an important base to do that.

The Importance of Believing in Yourself to Determine Your Future

So, what about you? Do you believe that you can achieve even your most ambitious goals if you put in the effort consistently?

To determine a better future for yourself, you have to acknowledge the importance of believing in yourself. That is, you can achieve your success as long as you allow yourself to labor consistently for it.

Effort is the key and it always has. It most probably comes out if you have the self-belief in your capability and that you can do it.

Maintaining the faith, admittedly, can be hard. Especially, when you have tried for sometimes and there seems to be no desired fruits of your effort. Self-doubt can creep in and the naysayers may speak louder to you.

However, forget all about that. Just believe that you can do it and maintain the high level of effort. Sooner or later, you should get there.

Have you acknowledged the importance of believing in yourself? Your true answer may determine what life has to offer for you in the future.

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