Patience for Success is Needed

Dan Kristoph
4 min readJan 15, 2021

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”

- Aristotle -

Success can take a long time before it manifests itself in our lives. When you work for some big goals, it can take months or even years before you get the desired results. The need for patience during that time is obviously needed. Only then, you can arrive at your intended destination and not stopping yourself in the middle of the road.

Now answer these questions: do you seriously want to achieve your success? If so, are you prepared to keep working until this success is realized?

Answering yes to both is easy. However, the action that you take based on those yeses is the hard one to commit.

Our patience can be severely tested when we wait for our effort to bear the fruits that we want. Patience for success is needed and it is one of the important requirements when you want to achieve something meaningful.

The Random Length of the Road

You may look at other people who have achieved success, however, and protest that previous statement. You ask: why do other people seem to be able to realize their goals in relatively much shorter time than me?

Well, for me, there can be two reasons that answer the question.

The first one is we might not truly know what those people have gone through and how long they have waited.

On the surface, they might seem almost like overnight successes who take much less time to get there. But, if we take a look deeper, then we may see that there has been huge effort that takes years.

They might start way earlier than us to work consistently to achieve their success. That is why they can accomplish it now while we are still in our journey to get there.

The second reason is related to the various time that people need to achieve success. Nothing is set in stone and although most of us require some time to work for that, probably few aren’t.

It can also depend on the intensity of the work that we do towards our success.

You may compare yourself with other people who start working hard towards the same goals in the same time as you. However, when you work 6 hours a day for that and they work 12 hours daily, it makes the difference too.

The road is different for each of us and there might be more or less some variations to the length. However, the important thing is that you can only progress yourself if you keep working towards it.

If that is what you believe, then it is obvious that you should have patience when you chase your success.

No one knows when they will succeed and other people may get there first. However, get your head down and keep working hard consistently to what you believe in is essential.

That is, as it may seem, the thing you need to do if you want to realize big goals in life. Big goals realization can take time and whether we are up for it is solely up to us.

The Consistency of the Forward Movement

Be consistent in your progress and keep moving forward. There can be problems at some points of the road but you must persevere.

When you lose your patience, that is the most probable time you choose to quit your effort. At that point, you will stop your progress in the middle of the road and fail.

Surely, you don’t want that, right? If you seriously want to succeed realizing your goals, then the only choice is to keep going until you reach them.

Success is the result of the accumulation of the efforts you do constantly. And only by having a strong patience that you can keep putting in the effort needed.

It is like a destination that you choose to go and nothing can help you to get there but your effort. No one knows how long it will take as each person’s condition is different.

To get to the destination, you have to keep moving forward. But, do you have enough patience for that or will you give up to all doubts you have in yourself?

It might feel like a long time before you can achieve your success. But if you keep working hard towards it, you obviously still have the chance to succeed.

This article is originally appeared at Positivity Stories.

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