5 Simple Tips on How to Build Confidence in Public Speaking

Dan Kristoph
4 min readNov 29, 2020


Public speaking often becomes a scary proposition for many of us. The uneasiness feeling that it creates or the thought of saying something embarrassing in front of many people makes us feel deterred when we need to do it. Therefore, some simple tips on how to build confidence in public speaking might help you significantly to do your best in your performance.

Most of us have gone through this feeling before. When you need to speak about something in front of people, especially when it is for a very important occasion, then the sudden fear can set in and overwhelm us. The thought of the moment when we finally have to speak can be an overwhelming feeling for us.

However, it is no use to worry too much about the opportunity to do public speaking. You should think about it as a way to actualize yourself and the chance to speak on something that you think is important for others to know.

The Benefit of Having the Opportunity to Say Something to Many People

The chance to do the occasion might not fall to anyone so you can think that you are lucky to be given the chance to speak and utter your mind. If another person takes your place, then you might not get the chance to be in the spotlight and give your thoughts which are relevant to the opportunity.

The more you do public speaking, especially in a particular area repetitively, the more you should feel confident to do it. Having more practice in an activity can be the chance for you to keep improving yourself in it and be better the next time that you have to perform.

However, despite all of that, it is of course understandable if we still feel the fear to go in front of there and do some talking. Everyone feel it, on a small or large scale, and this is when the implementation of the tips on how to build confidence in public speaking can come to the rescue for you!

The Tips on How to Build Confidence in Public Speaking

These approaches on how to build confidence in public speaking are meant to help you in conquering your fear so you can go out there and do your best. You may still feel a little uneasiness when the time comes to do what you have to do but at least you will be more prepared to do it and thus, you should feel more confident in yourself.

So, are you ready? Here are the tips on how to build confidence in public speaking that you might want to implement:

Prepare the Tools

The first tip on how to build confidence in public speaking is related to what you have in hand during your performance. For your time to shine, there might be some tools that you think are necessary to perform to your best capacity (e.g. pointer if you have a presentation, some gimmicks for the audiences, etc). Make sure personally that those are fully prepared beforehand so it will not be a hindrance and the source of panic for you when the time comes to do your public speaking

Know Your Audience

You usually can get the knowledge of the general profile of your audiences by asking to the event PIC or doing some skimming at the audiences’ registration data. When you have this knowledge, you might want to adjust your way of talking or the content of your speaking to fit more to the expectation and desire of the audiences and thus, increase your confidence that you can satisfy what they want from the occasion

Talk on the Things You Know

Prepare the material beforehand, at least the outline of it, and fill it with the things that you have a strong understanding so you know what you talk about. This can improve your confidence as you have more faith in what you talk about and be more prepared when there are questions from the audiences in the things that you say to them during the occasion

Arrive Sometime Before the Occasion

If you can, allocate at least thirty minutes before the occasion to arrive at the scene and see the situation of the event yourself. With this, you may get the look and feel of the occasion context which in turn can prepare you further mentally for the public speaking event. You might even be able to talk to some of the audiences first too to dig deeper on their background, what they expect from your session, and introduce yourself also to them

Practice, practice, practice

This might be the most important tip. Practice makes perfect and this goes to on how to build confidence in public speaking. The more you practice on what you are going to speak, the more you should feel natural in talking about it in front of other people. Ask your friends or families to watch you or practice yourself in front of the mirror so you can get some feedback about your performance during your practices

So, what do you think about those practical tips on how to build confidence in public speaking? Try to implement them and be confident in yourself. I know you can do it.

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Dan Kristoph

Learn 23 simple yet impactful good habits in life that you can practice immediately: http://positivitystories.com/free-gift