5 Possible Reasons on Why is Life So Hard for Us (And the Solutions to Make It Possibly Easier)

Dan Kristoph
5 min readJan 22, 2021

Who among us has never gone through bad patches? The most possible answer is no one as we always have up and down moments in life, whoever we are. The reality is there are always tough times and during these, we may wonder why is life so hard for us. Don’t stop trying to change it for the better, though, and always maintain the belief that you can do it.

Tough times are hard to comprehend and experience indeed. When they happen, they seem to not give us a moment to breathe as we keep occupying ourselves thinking about them.

Why is this happening to me? Why is life so hard to go through? Those are the questions that may come to our heads from time to time as we try to understand bad situations.

The Importance to Always Keep the Belief

Why is life so hard for us? Well, it can be difficult to understand the reasons sometimes. However, one important thing for us to keep faith is our capabilities to change our lives for the better.

If we don’t have that kind of belief, then we won’t do anything to change the situation. That lack of effort most likely makes us stay in that bad situation or even heading for an even worse one.

Always keep the belief that a bad situation can be overturned for the better and work hard constantly for that. Implementing this principle when the tough times come is the basic to overcome a bad situation in life.

Why Is Life So Hard? Some Thoughts About the Reasons and Solutions for Them

However, if you know more specific reasons for problems, then it should also help your effort to solve them. Thus, looking at some possible reasons why is life so hard currently and their solutions can be good to do.

Why is life so hard and what can we do to make it easier for us based on the reasons? Here are some reflections about it which might help you.

Possible Reason 1: Haven’t Allocated Enough Time and Attention to Important Life Aspects

The time and attention management that we have are crucial to help to shape our condition. This might be the root cause of why is life so hard for us right now. For example, you may put too much time and attention into work and too little for your family. This can cause big problems with the relationship you have and directs you to a bad personal situation.

Probable Solution: Reconsider your time and attention allocation to the things you care about. You may need to balance things out so you can have enough for the most important things. This tough moment may even bring a good reflection you need to reconsider on what should get your time and attention.

Possible Reason 2: Lack of Appropriate Knowledge and Skills

Knowledge and skills are the power to make you produce excellent results. When you have a low amount of them while doing something important, it cannot be good for you. That can hinder your outcomes and give bad impacts that make you think about why is life so hard for you.

Probable Solution: Know what you need to know and apply continuous learning habits. Identify the important knowledge and skills you lack and understand them immediately so you are better equipped next time. Moreover, implement a good habit of learning to make you keep developing your knowledge and skills gradually.

Possible Reason 3: Don’t Have the Right Prioritization

The wrong prioritization in life can decrease your motivation to work especially related to your goals and daily activities. The things you prioritize should be the ones that have the most meaning for you. The unmeaningful things you target and do every day potentially make you lazy which, in turn, give you bad results.

Probable Solution: Reconsider your priorities. Make sure you don’t procrastinate when doing the things that matter to you. Having strong and meaningful reasons to do something should make you give your best effort every time. In time, that should give the best results for yourself and your life.

Possible Reason 4: Overthink Bad Things

Maybe, there are more things to be grateful for compared to the things you should feel bad currently. You just don’t recognize this yet. Overthinking negative thoughts can be the reason you worry too much about the state of your life. That makes you maintain a negative mindset which will be bad for you.

Probable Solution: Look around you and find things you can be grateful for. It might be different for everyone but reflect on some positive things you can still enjoy in life. It might be the key to boost your motivation to work to be in a better condition.

Possible Reason 5: It is Just Not the Right Time Yet

You have probably worked hard constantly to be in a much better condition in life. However, the fruits of your work are still not there to see and you still feel stuck in a bad situation. It might seem like you cannot get the results you want. All of your efforts make you keep asking yourself why is life so hard for you.

Probable Solution: The only thing I can say about this is to keep going if it matters to you. Success often cannot be achieved after some time but you can surely get there as long as you consistently work. No one knows for sure when as it is a different case for each person. Just know that if you keep working, then you still have the chance to succeed.

Key Takeaways

Do you recognize one or more of them as the reason why is life so hard for you at the moment? Can the solutions there be tried to help you overturn the current situation?

It is understandably difficult to understand some tough times. However, always keep your belief that you can change things through focused hard work. That can be the important key for you to get out of a bad situation.

Don’t ever give up!

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