5 Main Disadvantages of Procrastination

Dan Kristoph
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The urge to procrastinate is something that should be resisted during our working hours. Giving in to it can make you delay or even abandon the work you are supposed to do. The results might be low quality of work outcomes or even more fatal and bad things for us. Having vast knowledge of the main disadvantages of procrastination can be a way to motivate you not to do it more.

The more hours that we put into work, the more things we should be able to get done. That is only logical and therefore, it is important we optimize our working hours as best as we can.

Doing the opposite, consciously or subconsciously, surely hurt the chances to give your best effort on the tasks at hand. When you work for some long-term results, it can significantly hinder the progress you make to accomplish them. There are simply disadvantages of procrastination we should accept when we choose to give in to our thinking to it.

The High Difficulty of Sticking to Commitment

However, despite the bad things it can cause, it is admittedly hard to stick to our work commitment. It is difficult to ignore our desire to procrastinate.

This is maybe because, as humans, we simply want the things that give us instant gratification. The faster we enjoy something the better. When we compare procrastination and the tasks we have to do, we surely know which one gives us instant pleasure.

Procrastination is simply much more enjoyable than doing work. When we procrastinate, we have fun and feel much more relaxed. Compare that to the stress that we might get from working and the winner is clear.

On the other hand, you need to work to get the results that you want in life. When you keep on procrastinating, you cannot work productively. That will affect badly to the chance of achieving a good living condition for yourself.

The disadvantages of procrastination should be kept in mind to motivate you enough to resist the urge of it. Acknowledging them can be one of the most important things you need to be highly productive.

The Disadvantages of Procrastination You Should Know

So, what are the disadvantages of procrastination that we should keep in mind? Here are the important five of them that should make you warier about procrastinating.

Wasting time and potential opportunities

The first one of the main advantages of procrastination is related to time utilization. As we know, our time in a day is limited. When you choose to utilize it to procrastinate, that means you waste the time you might use to finish working. There might also be opportunities that arise if you finish work faster and they don’t because you choose to procrastinate

Halting your knowledge and skills improvement

The most valuable knowledge and skills come from experience. When we work, we will get more know-how as our brain figures out how to produce the fastest yet best outcomes. This is something that certainly cannot be gained when we choose to procrastinate. The chance to improve ourselves will be gone as we stop accumulating the essential experience in our labor.

Getting disrespect from other people

People always appreciate hard work and pay no respect to people who don’t put in the effort on something. This is one of the disadvantages of procrastination and it can be crucial for you. When people disrespect you, you will find it much harder to foster a meaningful and potentially fruitful relationship with them.

Delaying progress to success

As has been mentioned earlier, the long-term results of our work depend mainly on the work we accumulate. When we delay or stop our work as we procrastinate, logically, the progress to realize them stops too. This isn’t ideal and can make it much longer for us to achieve success in life than we would like.

Triggering or preserving the habit of unproductivity

What we do for some time consistently creates a habit for us that makes it harder not to do it. When we procrastinate, we trigger the build of a bad unproductive habit. Giving in to the urge of procrastination continuously makes it harder and harder for us to be highly productive again. Therefore, we should try to stop the habit as soon as possible and utilize our working hours mainly for work.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about those disadvantages of procrastination? Do they make you want to resist the urge to procrastinate more the next time you work on your tasks?

The bad things that you can get from procrastinating often aren’t something to be taken lightly. Try to always keep high productivity if you want to get more things done in the working hours you have.

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