5 Main Causes of Laziness

Dan Kristoph
3 min readDec 6, 2020

Have you tilted towards laziness or productivity more in most of your days? As we often need to work to get the results we want, being lazy often becomes a roadblock for our progress. The mood that we have for finishing our daily tasks can fluctuate and this most probably affects our work motivation too. The knowledge of the causes of laziness may help us in not giving in to the thinking of it.

There are often times when we want to procrastinate all day (or always, maybe)? When we feel bored with our work or getting bad results, the desire may be significantly amplified.

However, it is important that we maintain our motivation to work hard and be highly productive. After all, the things that we want in life mostly can only be achieved through the effort that we give.

The Importance of Hard Work and Productivity

When you work and be productive, you can make the progress to the results you desire. Being lazy means you stop the progress and waste the opportunity you have to do so.

Besides, as humans, we are the creature of habits. The more we are used to procrastinate, the more the procrastination habit is ingrained to us. The opposite should also be true regarding being productive.

You surely don’t want to make the bad habit of laziness stick strongly with you, right? Therefore, it can be important for you to identify the causes of laziness you have and avoid them strongly.

The Causes of Laziness

So, what are the main causes of laziness we must try to anticipate? Being lazy is surely something we must dismiss if we want the best outcomes in our work. Here are the five reasons of laziness that should be important for you to understand.

Feeling the uncertainty and boredom

It can be some time before we get the results that we want from our work. When they haven’t come, we can get tired with our effort as we wonder when we are going to achieve success. Feeling uncertain and bored with our tasks can be a strong trigger for us to delay or stop our works.

Getting used to the bad habit of unproductivity

As being mentioned previously, humans are creatures of habits. When we keep choosing to procrastinate every day, it can become a bad habit that sticks. This one of the main causes of laziness happens because we don’t seriously try to break the laziness cycle we have.

Failing repeatedly

Besides the length of time it might take, one big hurdle in achieving results from our works is failures. In our life, it is inevitable for most of us to fail several times. Either a small or big failure, this event can seriously make us doubt our capabilities. This, in turn, can make us being lazy because we feel our effort is useless as proven by our failures.

Giving in to the urge of distractions around us

In this modern era, many things that can become sources of distractions for us when we labor. Social media, TV, and emails are just a few things that might be the most noticeable. Having the easy access to them can be one of the main causes of laziness for us too. Our attention to work is distracted and we become lazy because we switch our full attention to them instead.

Being in the culture of low motivation

Our environment can influence our behavior too. When the people around us are lazy and often procrastinate, we can be taken in to this culture too. It can be hard to ignore because we will be the odd one if we don’t conform to them. The best way for us might be to leave the environment or keep sticking to our principles while working there.

Final Words

The low motivation we have for our tasks comes now and then. We must keep on working, though, if we want to get our results fast. Ignore the main causes of laziness above and be diligent with your effort.

After all, we are the ones who are the most responsible with the condition of our life. Maintain the motivation to create a better life situation for ourselves so we can keep on growing positively.

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Dan Kristoph

Learn 23 simple yet impactful good habits in life that you can practice immediately: http://positivitystories.com/free-gift